THE cycling tour of the cellars from Dealu Mare

It's already a 3 years old tradition: the twice a year cycling tour through the vineyards of Romania! For this spring edition, we are heading again to Dealu Mare, Ceptura (to be more precise), visiting one more time SERVE, Davino and Rotenberg wineries.

The details are clarified as we speak and the route will be finalized in two weeks from now, but I'm still able to offer your sexy information that will make you want to be there.

16th of May, on a shiny and warm Saturday, one day before my birthday.

Dealu Mare, Ceptura, visiting SERVE, Davino and Rotenberg wineries.

We are going to pedal on a low difficulty route through the vineyards from Ceptura. We'll stop to the above mentioned wineries for wine tasting. We'll have a late brunch prepared by the one and only Terra Carpatica from Buzau, with ingredients from BUZAU!!!

This is pretty much everything for now. As I already told you, I, together with my partner into this,, am going to dig into details and let everything you need to know in two weeks time.

Till then, please fill free to sign-in by sending an email to!

Stay close!

The 2013 group at SERVE

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