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This post is in English because in my target audience I will be happy to have a good friend of mine who now lives in Prague. He is the person who recommended one of the best restaurant in the Czech capital I told you couple of month ago here. And he is also the one who offer me this wine, as an exchange with some bottles from Romania I offered him.
I’m talking about a Tuscany wine called Le Buche, produced by Le Buche – Giuseppe OliviCantine somewhere near Siena, offered in return to Dragaica Rosie from Crama Oprisor produced in Mehedinti, in the South of Romania. I would say it was a fair exchange in the end 🙂.
Le Buche is a very new winery in the heart of Tuscany, a modern one with a green energy system able to sustain the entire facility. They planted a new vineyard in 2002 and in 2005 they produced and sold their first vintage. But, despite the very short history behind, my 2007 Le Buche bottle was a very nice experience.

In the begging, some of the most interesting “technical” information: it’s made from Sangiovese, one of the most popular Italian variety, and, I like this one, “some other international species”. Some says is Shiraz. It has 14% alcohol, very well hidden by its good acidity. For 25-30 days after the harvest the wine was in contact with the grape skin, followed by 10-12 month in wood barrels.
In the glass, it shows a very nice dark ruby color and a nice movement during and after swirling. The nose is full of ripe berry, minty with some mineral flavors, lots of condiments and a chocolate sweetness in the end.
And then the good stuff: the taste. You can feel the same red wild ripe fruits from the nose with the same chocolate finish, full bodied, some spices and aggressive tannins, but in the good way. Everything is backed up by a good and strong acidity.

As a personal conclusion I must say I enjoyed more this Tuscan rather than Dragaica Rosie (I know they are different wine, but still). What do you think, Frank? 🙂.


  1. Anonim 6 April, 2011 at 10:13 Reply

    Hi Nicusor,

    thanks for this nice review. I fully agree with your review and you even found some tastes that I haven't found yet, so I will have to test it again tonight.:-)
    What amazes me about the wine maker family is there absolute dedication to quality. They are really reducing their production per grape from 1.5-2kg per plant to 700-800g to get the full energy in the remaining grapes. The whole process afterwards is fully manual and they only select proper grapes (no greens)for the final process.
    They also have 3 more even higher quality wines Memento (we call it the womens wine), Tempore (the international wine) and Pugnitello (the black wine)which is made from a recultivated ancient grape.
    i am sure you will have the opportunity soon to try those as well. And who knows maybe we get enough interested people so that we can organise a delivery to Romania one day.
    With regards to the Dragaica Rosie I can only say that it became the hit at home in our house. My wife is a very big fan of this wine. It's smoothness convinced all the fans of soft wines among our friends. Some prefer it over the Le Buche because it "feels much smoother" (original quote of my wife).
    I will for sure find a way to get this wine over to CZ.
    Did you try the Coreno yet?

  2. Cazan cu Vin 6 April, 2011 at 19:16 Reply

    Thanks for the information about the producer. I can tell from the wine they have a big potential in te future, because, as I said, they are young.

    I did not tried yet the Coreno. Right now I'm looking at the bottle, but is late and I want to be able to focus 100% when I will try it.

    And for sure we find, sooner or later, a way to send more Dragaica Rosie to CZ.

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