Nachbil Winery - history, recommendations and, of course, buying

Although it's not very new on the market, in the last period of time more and more people are talking about this small wine producer, who apparently has it all: a romantic story and very good wines.

Being located in Beltiug, Satu Mare Hills region, an area with vines growing tradition since 10th century, when the first written evidence was found, the Nachbil Winery was born in 1999 when Johann and Edgar Brutler, father and son, returned to Romania, after more the 15 years abroad. From the initial 2,5 hectares, now, after additional purchases and a lot of investments, the vineyard is almost 15 ha. Because the new aquired fields were abandoned and also the frost in the past period affected some of the other vines, a big part of the plantation was replaced. After couple of years, in 2002 a wine cellar was bought and restored and now is a beautiful historical building.

The philosophy behind their wines is to focus as much as possible on natural wines. Simple technologies are used and the intervention on grapes is kept as little as possible. All these above, together with a specific Northern Romanian climate, soil and immense passion from these people make me think that this producer has a great future and their wines deserve to be pursued.

Nevertheless, now there are several reasons Nachbil wines are not very popular among consumers: a relatively small harvest, long distance between Beltiug and the major Romanian cities (makes visits difficult) and also prices which are not quite low. My experience with their wines is also very limited; only the 2008 Syrah, tried at a wine tasting with another Romanian Syrah, but from South, which made a very good impression at that time. Although none of the recommendations  found on the internet is for the current on sale vintages, almost all has positive feedback. Considering that the quality is increasing in time, there are great expectations from the current wine list.

Riesling de Rhin - one of the few Rhine Rieslings produced in Romania (not to be confused with Welschriesling or Riesling Italico (Riesling Italian), how it's labeled by the Romanian producers), a wine with high acidity, which for this variety or for white wines in general, usually is a good thing. For those looking for petrol nose, another particularity of this grape, it's here. Although is not one of the favorites for Bogdan, a fellow wine blogger from Oradea, he's recommending it as very good reference for this variety. This reference is for 2008 wine, which might be slightly different than 2010.

Syrah - the quality of this wine is an urban myth, powered by feedback received from a couple of people that had the opportunity to try it. Some of them declare it as one of the best, if not the best, Romanian wine. I found it with plenty of condiments, pepper mainly, doubled by very nice fruity and sweet aromas (it's a dry wine).

Chardonnay Barrique - together with the Syrah, this is one of the most popular from their wines with very good recommendation. Rich in aromas, it has very nice flavors coming from time spent in the barrel.

There is another mono-varietal wine, a Pinot Noir, with no reference found, which, considering that it has the highest price on the list, makes you think. Also, a magnum version (1,5l) is available.

All the others wines are blends from different local varieties, like Feteasca Regala and Mustoasa de Maderat, together with international ones: Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Of course, all this information above has a purpose. In the near future I plan to make a purchase order and to confirm all the good recommendations I received. For those interested to join me, a short e-mail or a call is enough to get in touch and to obtain the price list or any other info. You can find more on how this works on another page on this blog (only in Romanian for now). For those interested to join for future orders of different wines from different Romanian producers, there is a subscription form that will add you to my distribution list.

Wish you all the best,
+40 722 141 879

P.S. Recently I met people from abroad living in Romanian, with great interest on premium Romanian wines. This is the reason this post is in English, and I hope others will join. Through them, this is also a very good way our wines become known in the world.


  1. sunmirror 7 January, 2012 at 14:25 Reply

    Regarding the quality of the Syrah – I fully subscribe to those urban myths! (at least for the 2003 and 2008 versions, haven't tried others).

    Regarding the Pinot Noir, there is only one (very good) reference on the trustworthy – however, it's for the 2003 version, which is far from being the current one. 🙂

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