Chateau Giscours 2007

I wanted to compensate some how that I missed the "wine-taste of the week" this mid-February in Bucharest, so I opened this bottle. I don’t know what is happening: people are thinking, because I’m traveling so often back and forward, I’m not living in Bucharest anymore, or there are no more interesting wine-tastings in the city. Or, simply, I’m not longer getting invites. That’s OK. I can handle.

I kept the bottle it in the fridge cause I like to drink, even the reds, quite cool. This is the best way to discover the right temperature when the wine is at full potential. Of course, it did not express very well in the beginning, but after a while it proved how ready to drink and balanced it is this vintage now. Yes, it is a little bit ahead of his time, so I do not think it will survive for many years, but what a pleasure was to drink it now. The nose is expressive, with evolved aromas like leather, sweat and iodine, but also lots of red fruits, not that ripen, coffee and condiments. Good structure in the mouth, very good balance between acidity, tannins and fruitiness, medium body and a long finish.

Very good wine, considering the ups and downs in the recent history of the chateau. Vintages, especially the ones after the ’90, are a viable options to the others top Bordeaux.

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