Burgundy by bike in autumn

In Burgundy is almost impossible to bike and have a good wine in the same day.

I’m going tell you why.

The big names will not open their gate unless you know Mr. Grozea from Bucharest. The only thing you can do is to stare to their intercom. The smaller names, but not that small, will welcome you but only with appointment. And their schedule is complicated: some workshops in the vineyard or cellar during morning, lunch at 12:00, winetasting only between 3 and 5. And so on.

On the other hand, you want just to leisure bike with friends and have some good wine.

You will want to wake up a little bit late and to have an expensive French breakfast (mainly bread, butter, cheese, croissant and jam).
You will want to stop every 100 meters to take few photos with incredible beautiful autumn colors.

There still are grapes on the branches, for sure you will want to have a few from those Grand Cru plots.
Let’s not talk about the ripen apples from the trees around the villages just waiting to be picked by the tourists.

And for sure some of you will fall every now and then along the way.

In this conditions is impossible to be somewhere on time!

What you can still do is to:

  • Get a house on Airbnb somewhere around Beaune. Not in the city, but in one of those small and unknown villages. Preferably the owners should be vignerons
  • Bike South of Beaune first day down to Chassagne-Montrachet and back. Is only 35 km round trip.
  • Stop at Chateau Chassagne-Montrachet and taste a glass for free.They are just pressing a button to put few drops in your glass. Considering the Picard (the owner) domaine size, and compared with the others, this one is Burgundy's Murfatlar.
  • Have lunch at Le Montrachet, a one Michelin star location in Pouligny-Montrachet, but only if you wear an appropriate outfit. If one male in your group is wearing yoga pants plus other questionable accessories, just go across the street to a more approachable location. The food will still be good. The food is good all over France, no matter the place.
  • On the way back stop at Olivier Leflaive hotel/restaurant/wine bar and have maybe the only decent wine tasting of the day. If you nicely smile to the girl at the entrance you can get the 15 EUR Grand Cru wine glass for free.
  • Have diner in Beaune downtown. For sure you will find a good restaurant
  • Second day bike North of Beaune up to Gevrey-Chambertin. It’s only 55 km long if you return via Haut Nuit St George region. If it is Saturday you can still find some very commercial negociant locations open. If it is Sunday you will find nothing.
  • Make sure you will not be late with lunch otherwise you will end up eating in the only opened brasserie in the region. And they have only escargots, quiche and sandwich.
  • Start every meal with a cremant. At 30 EUR per bottle is the cheapest option. But most of the time is good to very good.

We, me and 4 friends of mine, did all these for two days end of October and we really had a good time.

P.S. These incredible photos were made by beyefendi Lupescu

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