When the force is strong in a Romanian wine

There are several reasons why a vertical wine tasting of Davino Flamboyant is difficult to organize.

First of all, extremely difficult to find older vintages. When the 2003 was first release on the market, not too many wine enthusiasts were around thinking about collecting it. Therefore is almost impossible to find it. I’m sure the winery still have some bottles and I’m also sure they will not give it away too soon or too easy.

Secondly, the limited number of bottles released every year, between 10 and 15 thousands, the high demand, mostly on the local market, and in combination with the “by allocation” selling strategy make Flamboyant unavailable shortly after the commercial release.

And, as third point, let’s not forget the price. For approx. 40 EUR (170-180 lei) is not expensive compared with similar wines from other countries but it's known it has a very high entry on the top of the most expensive Romanian wines.

All these make it an aspirational product, desired by many buyers and consumers. And this is also why I joined the vertical wine tasting organized by two wine enthusiasts fellows last week at Tasting Room by Ethic Wine bistro in the heart of Bucharest.

6 vintages were on the table, starting with 2006 until 2012, this last one not yet on the market but available unlabeled by the courtesy of the producer (there is no 2008; the conditions were considered not suitable to produce it).

Davino Flamboyant 2012 - 2006

The line-up conclusion was clear. Starting with 2009, this is a very powerful wine with great aging potential. Concentrated, complex, full-bodied and very long, only the age is changing a bit the aromatic line between vintages. 2007, very drinkable now and, as well, with many years in front, is showing a different approach, more fruit oriented. On a long run, I will go with 2009 as my favorite. (Unfortunately, 2006 bottle was not in good condition, most likely because of the bad storage conditions.)

Nevertheless, the evening highlight was another Flamboyant  & Domaine Ceptura Rouge family member, more like their cousin with higher education at a prestigious college: Davino Rezerva 2009. This was produced by selecting the best barrels of Flamboyant (which, by the way, is a selection of the best Domaine Ceptura Rouge pots) plus additional 6 month maturation, as well, in the barrel. The result is an even more concentrated and complex wine. Again, the very limited number of bottles together with the higher price, makes it very difficult to get.

Davino Rezerva 2009 front Davino Rezerva 2009 back


On a more personal note, I’m looking forward for the Star Wars premiere this Thursday, at mid-night! I must say, I’m very annoyed by this extreme commercial campaign, promoting the movie in every bus station and on the smallest corner of most obscure supermarket in town, which for me has the reverse effect, lowering my curiosity and eagerness to watch it. Maybe the movie itself will change this. Maybe the force will change this!


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