Time's ticking but not in Batoș

Is amazing how many treasures you might find in a small and isolated Transylvanian village! I had to discover few of them couple of days ago, April 9th, an unusual warm spring day, in Batoș, Mureș, Romania.

It was a blitzkrieg one day trip together with Lovewine Vlad, the other co-founder of WineRiders initiative, to put on the map the bike route for our event in May. Ten hours driving but 4 very enjoyable ones in the middle of the nature and vineyards.

We started the exploration from the village North border marked by an exotic volcanic rock washed by the rain and then we stopped to the 400 years old (catholic?!) church. The guardian of the establishment was too kind to open the old doors for us. We even climbed the old tower for a breathtaking view. Not to mention the old rock where the death row inmates were exempt of their heads. Believe it or not, this rock was stolen, but some good Samaritans returned it from Germany. Crazy people!

Few more streets with a lovely mix of German and Romanian houses and we start climbing the hill were the Liliac winery has their vines. All young, in an evident contrast with those tens of years old owned by the locals or by the different domestic churches. We stopped at the Liliac lodge for a sensational panorama view. Easily to spot the old sheepfolds (a.k.a. stână) were we're planning to stop on 14th of May to enjoy the food prepared especially for us, local products, by nea Gheorghe, of course.

We were thinking our job there was done but not. Wait, we need to see the old "Dacian" fortress on top of the highest hill in the area. 45 minutes later, almost 2 km long and few hundreds meters higher, without breath and sweating all around (I stopped doing any kind of sports one year ago. I decided was enough), we reached the top. The only visible indication of the establishment is an incredible steep defense canal around the entire hill roof and that strange feeling that few thousands years ago something dramatic happened there.

The trip up there has everything: dears, wild pigs, snakes (don’t worry, small ones, not anacondas). Is difficult to go there by bike but we are not going to stop anyone who might want to try.

After doing all these, without a doubt I can say the next WineRiders bike tour on May 14th will be the most picturesque, pleasant, relaxed, you name it, tour we did in the last… When did I start with this? 5 years!

Many thanks to our local guide, Horațiu!!! He insisted to visit all these and we are very thankful!

See you in May, on the bikes, at Liliac in Batos!

Oh, yes! The wines are very good. Especially the whites.

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